Link Examples

Video demo of the different link options that StampKeeper offers



Below are a few examples of the types of links that StampKeeper can generate. All links will link to that specific product in your speicific CTMH store.

Text Links

Text Links are great when you want to keep things simple. The item number and price are optional. 

Image Links

Image Links are great when you want your customers to see which products were used. Image size, text size, description, price, item number can all be easily modified.



YouTube Links

Youtube Links can be put into the YouTube description.

———————— Supplies ————————
• Sunshine on a Cloudy Day [B1521] $9.95 ——
• Base & Bling Stickers Bundle [CC1215] $7.90 ——
• Watercolor Pencils [3505] $26.95 ——
• Thin Cuts—Snowflakes [Z4003] $14.95 ——